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Welcome to to the WEB Page of the Amateur Radion Station DK9PY


Please note that all WEB links mentioned on my WEB pages are under the sole responsibility of the respective link owner.

It's a pleasure for me that you found my WEB Page. On the following pages you will find some details regarding myself and the amateur radio hobby. The "DK9PY" on top of this page is my radio amateur call sign. I hope that the information on the next pages will give you some background to this nice hobby, that allows to communicate to the world and more.

Here you can search the DK9PY Logbook (since 1990) to see if we had already contact.

Small DX-Peditions in the last couple of years

Island of Mauritius 2010 3B8/DK9PY
Island of Guadeloupe 2011 FG/DK9PY
Island of Mayotte November 2013 FH/DK9PY
Island of La Reunion November 2013 FR/DK9PY

Island of Jamaica November/December 2014, May 2015, May 2016 und August 2016 6Y6N. If you look for an interesting QTH and a great station (and operator), visit Josh's web site 6Y5WJ.
Island of Sri Lanka, November 2015 4S7SAE
Island of Crete Juli 2017 SV9/DK9PY

WEB Master:
Armin Sturm, DK9PY
Am Hinkelstein 12
D-55425 Waldalgesheim
E-Mail: -..   -.-   ----.   .--.   -.--   @   -..   .-   .-.   -.-.   .-.-.-   -..   .
QTH Locator: JN39VW
Cruise Missiles Coordinates: 490 56' 25,1" N, 0070 049' 09,4 E"

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Weather in Waldalgesheim



Current Weather conditions in Ruedesheim / Nahe

The graphic on the left shows the current weather conditions for Ruedesheim / Nahe. This is taken from my WS-3600 weather station. The data is updated once every minute. If you want to see the changes, simply press the reload button on your browser.


If you want to know the German weather forecast, professional services are available from the Deutsche Wetterdienst and WetterOnline. These pages provide excellent weather forecasts that you can trust.... in most cases....



In the foto album you will find some pictures about the antennaes and the amateur radio station. These pictures will be changed from time to time.

Live WEB Cam updates every 10 Seconds.


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